Cath Findlay Walking tours in Inverness City

Meet Cath who began taking visitors on walking tours in Inverness City in 2018.

To start with Cath was born in Inverness and grew up just down the road from the Battle of Culloden on her family farm. Living in such an area steeped in history prepared her for her future career in guiding.

Cath can trace her family back to before the Battle of Culloden when her family were tennant farmers of Duncan Forbes. Forbes owned the land where the battle was fought and was opposed to the treatment of the Highlanders after the Battle of Culloden. 

After as a qualified community education worker, Cath gained many years of experience taking groups of local people on trips and walks around the Highland area.

Following in 2013, Cath organised a walking tour for women around Inverness. The walk was to commemorate 100 years since 50,000 women walked to London to campaign for women’s votes. This gave Cath the idea to start her business Walk Inverness.

Next, as a qualified work-based assessor and trainer Cath traveled all over Scotland. Visiting businesses where she managed students and apprentices in a number of subjects. Businesses from small local firms to international companies. On her travels finding out more about Scotland, its economy, and the people who live and work here. 

Meanwhile in 2018  visitors were looking for things to do in Inverness. Cath thought about setting up walking tours in Inverness city centre. Working with Inverness visitors centre she got her walking tours of Inverness up and running. 

Now Cath is a Scottish Tourist Guide Association Green Badge Holder. Cath can be found providing walking tours in Inverness her beloved hometown Inverness. Inverness did not get City status until 2020. 

Cath’s business Walk Inverness allow her to do three of her favorite things- meeting people, walking, and talking!

Cath also offers a step-on coach guide service. Cath has guided passengers from all over the world around the Highlands of Scotland.

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