Walking Tours in Inverness City Centre With Local Guide Cath

Walking tours in Inverness City Centre, with experienced and qualified Inverness tour guide.

Walking tours in Inverness City 

On Cath’s Inverness city walking tours, she will tell you about the history of Inverness castle and why Mary Queen of Scots was turned away from her Highland accommodation!  Describe why the unicorn is of such great importance to Scotland and how her own ancestry ties her to the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

As an Inverness tour guide, Cath could not leave out Outlander from the walking city tours of Inverness and shares the Inverness Outlander locations, history, and folklore that the Outlander books and TV series were based on.

Walks around Inverness can vary in the itinerary, to take in any impromptu happenings e.g. a Highland wedding or pipe band! Covering all of the must-see Inverness City sites including the River Ness in which Inverness gets its name. ‘Inverness: The Mouth of the River Ness,’ with its links to the most famous Loch in the world, Loch Ness, home to the Loch Ness Monster. 

If you are looking for things to do in Inverness with kids (children go FREE), then they can search for clues to a “Highland Safari” quiz as they walk around Inverness. They may spot a haggis or a bookshop in Inverness where Harry Potter would feel at home.

That isn’t all! Find out more about the history of
  • Inverness Town House, a Victorian baronial house.
  • Inverness Castle, and the many that came before it.
  • The Victorian Market, and it’s variety of quaint, little shops.
  • St Andrew’s Cathedral, breath-taking both inside and out.
  • Old High Church and Graveyard, as mentioned in the Outlander books.
  • Inverness Town House

    Inverness has become one of the top destinations to explore in 2022

    Each walking tour in Inverness begins outside the VisitScotland iCenter, 36 High Street, Inverness, Scotland. We offer Group or Private Tours. Our tours last about 2 hours and can vary slightly depending on weather and group size. 

    Cath, a well known tour guide in Inverness, may offer spontaneous activities of interest such as music, a local choir or a local wedding. The tour itinerary will be dependent on the time of day, the weather and venue access. 

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